March 2003 - Singapore Flip Trip Visit
March 26th - March 29th 2003

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Special Note:
This must look like a very unusual flight, going to Singapore for one day. The reason is to keep my 1K flyer status. Having 1K status is like the difference of customer service at a 7-11 compared to the treatment you get in a five star hotel. So, since I was going to fall short by one flight, I'm doing this flip trip to keep my status for this and next year.

Locators: ZH7TMO Singapore

To Singapore: Singapore Air 1
Depart: Wed 26 Mar 11:55pm San Francisco Seat 2F
Arrive: Wed 28 Mar 11:45am Singapore

To Singapore: Singapore Air 2
Depart: Sat 29 Mar 05:00pm Singapore Seat 2F
Arrive: Sat 29 Mar 05:30pm SFO

Black Tie Limo: 925-847-0747
Departure Pickup - Wed March 26th - 7:30pm Confirmation # 510320
Return Pickup - Sat March 29th - 5:30pm Confirmation # 510321

Ritz Carlton Singapore Millena Hotel: Ritz Carlton Singapore Millena
March 28th, 2003
Raffles Avenue Singapore,
039799 Singapore
telephone# 65-337-8888
fax# 65-337-5190
Website Link
Conf # 84656266

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